2 thoughts on “‘Please COME BACK HARRY’ Pleads Army Chief In Letter #Meghan #RoyalFamily

  1. Hugo you are so right!!! Harry and Meghan has done the grown up protocol and forgiven the family, but they have not and should not forget!!! the treatment suffered from his young years growing up. And then to unpack that type of unhealthy mind conditioning on his wife, while smiling to the public. Noooooo. It’s 2021. The couple’s popularity is masked by every story put out by the press to get noticed and readership. Sibling rivalry can be a terrible disaster for the jealous furious. Let them be. They are a million times happier here. There is no coin toss for the throne. It’s Charles turn, by inheritance, ageism is not a factor. One has to be ready in all aspects. He has walked in his mom’s footsteps and deserve his place. The past cannot be changed and therefore, due diligence is what matters now. Let Harry and Meghan heal from the behind the scenes “—isms” displayed. They are more mature than most.


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