2 thoughts on “UK Media MELTDOWN Over Meghan and Harry Interview

  1. Hugo, you mentioned the upcoming book Battle of the Brothers today. After reading the first extracts in the Daily Mail one has to conclude that The Mail has been very selective about what it prints, or the degree of references to high level insiders could only have come with the approval of the royal family who wanted Lacey to write a hatchet job. In the end one has to believe that the royal family believed that Harry and Meghan would come running back next March with their tails between their legs. Instead they have gone from strength to strength which must be galling to those in the UK.


  2. Angela levin is a snobbish prejudiced bitter pearl clutching woman, she stinks of disapproval because harry didn’t marry who she wanted him to marry, the prejudiced public and press can pretend all they like about giving meghan a wonderful welcome..the daily mails welcome was HARRYS GIRL ALMOST STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, which many of the prejudiced BRITISH public agreed with,there were thousands of racial slurs some people even set up on line petition s! To STOP the wedding . And of course danny baker got plenty of online support for his insinuation that archie is a CHIMPANZEE, then of course right wing jo marney got plenty of support for saying meghan will taint the royal family..what next a black king!,and how THEY are taking over.people said ” shes only saying what we are all thinking. ” sand then of course came the news someone had sent meghan fake anthrax through the post along with a racist letter,then headlines about doria..,Doria RAGLAND DESCENDED from slaves from the wrong side of the tracks.Then later the palace had to warn troll,s about leaving abusive AND RACIST messages for meghan, and abuse of kate.even wikipedia is biased for Meghan it says meghan markle actress…for kate it says the duchess of cambridge. Meghan is not and actress,and hasent worked as an actress for 5 years.,so for people to twist everything harry and meghan say about racism as an attack on BRITISH people…..if certain BRITISH people feel attacked.,then OBVIOUSLY they are racist, otherwise they wouldn’t think its aimed at them!


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