5 thoughts on “Philip’s Not Happy / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Dear Prince Harry, Princess Meghan, and Prince Archie,Good morning from Geneva.
    How are you all doing? I honestly believe all is well with your, Almighty God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit is good all the time. Please pray and read your psalms,23,
    91,35, 34 92 and Revelation 4,5 ,19 for your protection and the angels go with your .With much love and respect, Lucy

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  2. Bravo, Hugo! You´re doing a fine job. Never expected the Brits to voice tasteless opinions that come straight from the boulevard press. They are obviously having great difficulty coming to terms with the fact that Harry is no softie, like his brother.


  3. Prince Philip lives Harry and he too understand the sacrifices but must understand that he rebelled too..
    He should give Harry is blessings and continue loving..

    These Titles should not be waving over his head..
    They are doing the Crown good and should be celebrated

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  4. As usual you need to examine words in the story to understand it is a load of rubbish. Ms. Seward is the one supplying the story, note she says “people believe” which people how are they connected? she doesn’t say. She says many times “I believe” what you believe doesn’t count, what you are saying has to be proven. As I said just rubbish.

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