2 thoughts on “Do As We Say Harry, OR ELSE! / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. One thing that is overlooked is the tabloids attempts to present Harry as unhappy, along with many stories of him wanting a divorce, it appears that there is another campaign to undermine their marriage.
    The inane ramblings of ‘royal expert’ Hugo Vickers as reported in the Sunday Telegraph. His observations are made from 6,000 miles away without any interaction with the couple, but he is emboldened to say “Harry is miserable and out of his depth”, “he is a boy lost”, “he behaves like a ventriloquist’s dummy and can barely hide his discomfort” and then his conclusion “he should cut his losses and come back home before it is too late”.
    Next we have the perennial royal commentator and author Angela Levin talking on ‘talkRADIO’ who said ‘the political stunt may have violated the couple’s Megxit agreement with Buckingham Palace’. Key word here is ‘may’ which means she doesn’t know. Ms. Levin has many observations to make about Harry, all from the same distance as Mr. Vickers and it almost seems as if she is using the same script. She says “I want to say poor Harry, really”, “he is sitting on the bench, looking as if he is imprisoned, because Meghan moved right up to him so he had very little room to move”, and the zinger “when she turned to him, to listen to him saying things about online hatred, she looked so harsh, that if he didn’t get it right, he will be in trouble later”. Is this woman for real?


  2. It seems to me that the RF are now so desperate. They are doing everything they can to discredit Harry and Meghan. Turning everything the couple said to negativity and misinterpreting their actions and feeding them to their paid minions to make the Sussexes look bad to the public.But they have to know, we do not buy their lies. And we also believe that Karma is coming to them very soon…


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