One thought on “What the Royal Family Really Think Of Meghan and Harry

  1. It is so damn annoying to see or hear articles claiming/insinuating that Meghan took Harry away from the royal family and the UK to California!! First of all, this was Harry’s decision, I’m sure encouraged by the fact that he saw his wife getting the same treatment his mother received when she was being hounded by the press. We know how protective Harry is of his family and the trolls seem to forget that that ‘Meeting’ with the Queen, in which the conditions of their stepping away from being senior royals were discussed, was NOT attended by Meghan. She had no official say in the matter but I’m sure she was relieved to be swept away from all the negativity towards her in the UK press.
    The UK press is built upon a bed of lies and when the truth will out, it will collapse from within! How dare it is suggested that Harry leave his wife!! “…What God has joined together, let no man put asunder!…”
    LEAVE THEM ALONE!! They’re not royals anymore and if one cannot recognise the good that Harry and Meghan are striving to do, then that person has no good in them either. But I’m sure that the millions of us who love the two of them, will protect them with their good thoughts!!


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