3 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry Fans FURIOUS With TV Presenter

  1. Of all the costs the tabloids and the numbskull trolls are concentrating on their South Africa trip. Trolls are demanding they pay back the money, what rubbish, do they not realize if Harry paid it back it would set a precedent and the rest of the Royal Family may follow (some hopes). What the tabloids and the TV hosts purposely overlook is the trip was an official visit on behalf of the British government, it was not a vacation. Harry and Meghan would have had no say in the travel arrangements or the schedule.


  2. I cannot believe that they will knowingly talk about and bring up a liet about they were trying to get the people of the U.S. to vote for Bidden, UNBIEVABLE. All and All a Lie and they know it. When that reporter asked Donald that question, the Mail reporter, flat out lied to that stupid president and they knew he was a idiot or he was involved and he being the numnut he is would come up with a idiot answer and that is what the Newspaper wanted. To cause a a diversion so the English people would not see the real reason, not to look at the Budget from the crown that was released. They really believe that the English are STUPID. Look at it and see who actually spent the money, as we say, FOLLOW THE MONEY AND IT WILL LEAD YOU TO WHO WAS DOING THE SPENDING.. Oh and the RF are only showing a watered down look at their spending and I bet Andrew is still spending if they would show it.


  3. The Daily Express just can’t let go. One of their latest headlines reads “Queen fury: Buckingham Palace takes action against Prince Harry after ‘political stunt'” The story goes on to quote a royal expert by the name of Richard Mineard, never heard of him? I doubt that anyone outside Montecito, California has either, he is a journalist who writes for the Montecito Journal (17 employees). Clearly in the eyes of the Express anyone who comments on Harry and Meghan is a royal expert.


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