2 thoughts on “Media React To Meghan and Harry TIME100 TV Appearance

  1. Hello Harry,
    I like the new way you are posting your comments about Harry and Meghan because I can ignore anything else that is put on YouTube. Instead of looking through YouTube, I just click on your email to read your post.

    I don’t have a very good understanding about the UK and Royal Family. However; it’s just common sense to me that a lot of the posts from all the other people are false. For example when someone posted that Prince Philip had died. That’s just as plain and simple as a black and white lie since there are now posts involving him and little Archie. I don’t really believe the posts about Archie calling him “pa”, unless they are contacting Prince Phillip in his grave site.

    Harry seems to be a lot happier in his pictures now that they have a house and they will be working with Netflix. What they need a house that big is beyond me but I guess it is a big status symbol to them

    Keep up the good, honest work,


  2. The British tabloid press silliness is getting into top gear. We have the perennial Piers Morgan once again demanding they be stripped of their titles (he really has an overblown impression of himself if he thinks anyone is listening to him). The Mail runs a story based on the comments of a Trump advisor blasting them for insinuating themselves into the US election, while overlooking the fact that Meghan as a US citizen has a perfect right to do so. Other than its Harry and Meghan one has to ask why the British tabloids overlook that Meghan has a constitutional right to say what she said.
    The Daily Express is overdoing itself with headlines like “Prince Harry shunned by royals”, “Meghan Markle history lesson”, “TV appearance BOYCOTTED”, “Prince Harry attacked by Piers Morgan”. I am sure there will be many others to come.


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