4 thoughts on “Baby Archie and Prince Charles Zoom Call Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Hugo you are not getting cynical. The only question I have is how would anyone in the press know what Archie said to Prince Charles? One has to assume the Zoom call was private, it is doubtful that Harry or Meghan would call The Sun as I am sure nether did Prince Charles. You started off calling it a fluff piece, that is exactly what it was, these writers live in a fantasy world.


  2. It’s hard to swallow a pill when you know it’s laced with cyanide!! It’s a puff piece! Another way of looking at it is that the firm divulged this information to their friends in the propaganda media to humanize and make popular the unpopular firm! I tell you, their is a convenient marriage between the firm and the untrustworthy media! If you unpeeled each members of the firm, take away their title and their social mask, you’ll find human beings naked with jealousy, lust, hate, farts, political biases, racism, and a one mile gut length of pure shit!
    The firm manipulates the media and the media the firm! The firm knows how to play the media into hush hush with the prince Andrew story, and the media know how to keep the story under lock and key! Like the Ferocious storm that rises out of the ocean, public sentiments can be the key that unlock the hidden boxes!


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