7 thoughts on “TITLES DROPPED / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Happy they dropped that title..totally useless..The noise makers will need to find something else..Meanwhile Harry and Meghan are moving higher.


  2. They Dropped the tile OR will not USED … Hugo let’s don’t confused the fans .. Dropped the tile is one thing and not using on the 100 most influential people is other thing … so which one it is ????


  3. Awesome. Awesome news. They don’t need their titles. Too pompous and staid.
    All they need is a clear business plan and strategy and a water tight network of global business leaders, philanthropists and media strategists. Also third Sector not for profit organisations.

    A solid foundation for the work they want to embark on is important. They seem to be creating this.

    Harry and Meghan need to have a special fundraising event for Christmas that will raise funds for an important social cause. A dynamic never been done before event. Something fresh and original. Meghan and Harry are innovators and pioneering leaders. Where they lead other will follow. In the UK Meghan was only ever portrayed as an ‘actress’ when she was a UN representative for the empowerment of women and girls. She is an accomplished public speaker.

    In the Spring I would advise Harry to launch the Jon Bon Jovi single to raise funds for the Invictus Games.

    Hugo you are doing an absolutely fantastic job. I am delighted Meghan and Harry have unshackled themselves from the complexities of Frogmore Cottage and the British media so the create new narratives and what royalty is about and can achieve in the 21st Century.

    It’s good to see Harry being much more self confident and happy.
    It’s great to see Meghan and Harry striving forward. Leaving the UK was the right thing to do.

    Hugo please don’t print my surname.


  4. They don’t need the title to introduce themselves to the world! They have transcended their title! We know who they are! The title is just a baggage and a last straw for their enemies to grasp at! So what will the enemy do when the title is suddenly left in their jealous hands!


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