3 thoughts on “‘WORKSHY WILLIAM’ and Hard Working Harry and Meghan

  1. I think Harry and Meghan were made for each other. They are hard wired to be of service and that’s what makes them so endearing to the public. William and Kate were made for each other as they are exactly the same as well. They are hardwired to be takers. That’s why they couldn’t come to Harry’s aid. That would have meant giving of themselves.


  2. William is to afraid to stand up for what he believes if it goes against what the big shots in the family wants. I am so glad Harry took after his Mom and is not afraid to go against the grain. Now they are condeming him for doing what he said he and Meghan were going to do and that is to become independently wealthy. William is the one who stands there with his hand out waiting for more money to be passed his way. Harry and Meghan would make a much better King and Queen consort than will and kate ever will. Kate is to busy kissing all there butts to go out and stand on her own like Meghan has.


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