One thought on “Royal Family Bad Karma / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Hugo I am reading a lot of the trolls remarks on the tax dollars they are paying and one troll (an idiot) keeps harping on the fact that he strongly believes that Harry is not going to make it on the outside and he will have to pay for it as a UK taxpayer. Its like he’s programmed by the trashy tabloids to just destroy this couple. And no matter what I say to educate him, he comes back like a trained robot spewing this same rhetoric. I gave up, because I couldn’t reply anymore. But I’m dumbfounded by his one-track thinking.

    Also, does Harry and Meghan have a hashtag for this channel? You can add the hashtag in the headlines and encourage your followers to utilize the twitter social media (and facebook) icon on this website to share this post globally. That will get them over here to start commenting and sharing and following your posts and that will help you to gain new followers here. I’m sure a lot of folks have joined but you can’t tell because they are not here like I am. Followers also have the capability to reblog this page to their followers. I get feedback all the time with my followers because I belong to a global author book club.


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