2 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry MILLION DOLLARS Per Speech???

  1. I am shocked at the nasty meanness of the British Press. Are they so bankrupt in meaningful news that all they can do is bully people. I am trying hard to believe that the RF has nothing to do with this black balling of Megan and Harry. William and Kate will never be Harry and Megan. Having said that leave this young couple alone to make their way in the real world. Stop being hypocrites you are teaching people to be press bullies. Or cyber bullies. Disgusting!


  2. Wow, it appears these idiots will print anything on Harry and Meghan. Are they digging in the agency’s trash, or going I to the office and pretending to be a new client and obtained a generic form that the company probably gives out to anyone that wants to be represented by this agent. It’s a standard generic form, shame on them for writing a article again about so much nothing. Trying to say that H and M or trying to to be diva’s. Dam to England just have onlytrash newpapers reporting? Do these newspapers believe and think that the English people are stupid idiots? They must really hope and be8 this to be printing this madness. This is so unbelievable.


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