3 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry DON’T NEED Your Silly Titles

  1. The Daily Express just loves running polls about Harry and Meghan. They ran one about Finding Freedom with the result that 90% wouldn’t read it. They ran one about the Netflix deal where 90% of Britons claim the wont watch their programs or will cancel their subscriptions. Now they are running another one about their titles, I think this is the third about this subject. It has not occurred to the Express that the same trolls and haters are the ones responding to each poll.


  2. Its to bad that these money hungry media people have to keep making up stories that arent true. The prince and duchess Meaghan came to the states to live a more private life but they havent been able to. Why dont you the media and the paparazzi leave them alone and let them have a peaceful life with their son. Theres other people out there besides the royals.


  3. I’m sorry, THE RELEVANT ONES really matters to the UK tabloids!
    There’s no spice in the lives of the BRF. They slaughtered Harry & Meghan’s character, expecting them to divorce. Tried to kill Archie so as not to taint their “blue blood”
    I’ve read Finding Freedom! It’s FREEDOM from this gutter press. Take all the titles indeed, they are NOT DEFINED BY TITLES
    He said, call me HARRY! He was prepared to give his life for his Princess Meghan.
    As a person from the commonwealth, I will NEVER click on any article concerning the BRF.
    This lady came was self sufficient, hard working, a wonderful humanitarian, brilliant human being. We watched as Pee Moron thrashed her and labeled her as a social climber. It’s a sinful dirty act from the U K. THEY BOTH HAVE REMAINED DIGNIFIED THROUGHOUT THE 3 yrs UK ASSASSINATION & OUTRIGHT RACISM!! HARRY WILL ALWAYS BE THE PRINCE WITHOUT BORDERS, OUR PRINCE HARRY, he’s organic. MEGHAN FOREVER THE PEOPLES PRINCESS, epitome of GRACE!! Nothing you do will stop them now! And STILL #HARRYANDMEGHAN RISE TO FULFILL THEIR GOD GIVEN PURPOSE!

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