3 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry Did Not REPAY TAXPAYERS, The Queen Has Your Money

  1. The british tabloid media are the most vulgar trailer trash set of embarrassing parasites I have ever observed. They’re exposing and humiliating themselves in the worse ever possible way. The’re ‘CRINGE’ and to make things even worse, they don’t even care. They’re a joke and embarrassment to their profession. Don’t they realise the whole world is watching them acting like bitter fools. They’re like bullies in a kids play ground, chasing their victims like prey. They DON’T get it, Harry and Meghan are no longer their cheque books, they need to find another source of income.


  2. It’s a joke I wish they never pay it back shame on the queen for accepting it ! So basically Harry and Meagan have done up the the queen property wish needed doing up before and had to fit the bill absolutely disgusting.


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