9 thoughts on “Frogmore PAID IN FULL! / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Its a dam shame that the prince of England born of royal blood, is treated so Shabbily. Its good that they have paid back what they really don’t owe. Shame on the firm.


  2. Once again the tabloid press is in a frenzy with stories that range from the stupid to invasive. Of course Piers Morgan has to put in his ten cents worth. Harry and Meghan have found freedom by getting rid of this debt, they showed a lot of class agreeing to pay the cost back. Pity the Royal Family didn’t show the same level of class.


    1. Can you imagine if American media hadn’t fired him!! He would be trying to spew his hate here! I say trying because public outrage would punish the network to get rid of him.


  3. So now that Meghan and Harry pay for the Renovations do they still have to pay Rent or is it still their home..
    most of what they are doing is in line with what they were doing as a Senior Royal.. They should be paid for all the Revenue they brought and the followers they have brought to the Firm


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