3 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens #2 / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. They cannot kill purpose they more they make up stories and put Harry and Megan. Down the more they grow. It is a shame that to lovely people wants to make a difference in the world , yet idle , polluted, evil people envy them. You can’t beat or win them so you might as well join them.


  2. Hugo, as you know, good communicating is a special skilled position; and it’s reach is important, but at the end of the day, positive reporting and information always rise above all other. So, as I said before, The more they try to drag Harry and Meghan down, they rise above the “hot air” bubbles being spewed.


  3. Laughable, the Sussex Sqaud raised money 💰 for a charity to help African girls based on Meaghan and Harry’s passion for helping others and making our world better. Will they ever stop in their jealousy?


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