5 thoughts on “So Eugenie Wants Frogmore And Meghan And Harry To Still Pay For It!

  1. Why did Beatrice and Eugenia marry men who are too poor to be able to afford a place to live? All of this royal stuff is crazy. They want titles because they can live on welfare from hardworking taxpayers. Get a J-O-B!


  2. Hugo, like you I am fed up with the constant harping of the tabloid press and royal commentators harping about the cost of making Frogmore Cottage habitable. Not once has the true story been given that would enable the British public to understand why the money was spent. Before the refurbishing the building was split into five separate cottages, they had been empty for years because of their condition. The building, as are other royal buildings, is owned by the Crown Estates. The Crown Estates Commissioners have a duty to maintain properties to ensure their long-term future. Frogmore Cottage had been earmarked for renovation before Harry and Meghan and work had been started, and it was the Commissioners who decided how much to allocate for the work. The constant misleading narrative that Meghan and Harry spent taxpayers money is an out and out lie, and to date no one from the royal household has corrected that misinformation.
    How bad was the condition of Frogmore Cottage? Ceiling beams and floor joists required replacing, walls had to be removed to convert into one residence, windows were replaced, the heating system was outdated and inefficient, gas and water mains had to be run in, the electrical system was outdated and probably dangerous, there were probably more deficiencies that had to be corrected. Anything over basic Harry and Meghan had to pay for such as an upgraded kitchen, fixtures and fittings, curtains and furnishings, triple glazing, wardrobes and flooring, and the garden.
    That Meghan and Harry were forced to pay for work that was the responsibility of the Crown Estate Commissioners is a travesty. Finally we should not overlook the lies in the media about copper bathtubs, yoga studio, orangeries, new wing for Doria, and the soundproofing.
    It is time the record was set right by those in power.


  3. Hello everyone I hope you go.
    Hugo, Harry and Meghan paid for the renovation work if Beatrice wants to live there, she reimburses the amount Harry and Meghan have already paid to allow them to buy elsewhere.
    What is the queen and prince charles doing ?? why don’t they intervene to put an end to all this circus ???


  4. Hugo ,,, I agree with all you say . This Frogmore house , is getting old . But how you can say to they cut tie completed with the Royal family,,, Remember the Royal family is also Harry’s family … and when you married someone you just can erase the part of the family you don’t like it ,,,


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