8 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry SET TO ECLIPSE Royal Family With New NETFLIX Deal

  1. I am relieved and happy for them. We are the fans so the abuse they were forced to endure was our abuse as well. Only we didn’t have to take it. That is what the abusers forgot. Congratulations Harry and Meghan. We love you.


    1. God save our gracious Family!

      Long live our noble Family!

      God save our Family!

      Send them victorious

      Happy and glorious

      Long to reign all of us,

      God save our Family!


  2. Congratulations Harry and Meghan you guys are awesome and very intelligent I wish you guys all the success GOD bless you both!!!♥️


  3. This article wording is trying to cause a problem for them. The words are trying to create friction now with others in America, such as DDT they want to rule over Hollywood etc. The wording, they’re still trying.


  4. You really hit the nail on the head Hugo. The frenzy of the British media is unbelievable, from another Express poll, calls for them to be stripped of titles, to that old perennial Piers Morgan, all are incapable of accepting that they will forge their own future. I notice the Mail is reporting the deal has to be reviewed by the palace.


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