6 thoughts on “CopyKate & William PR Fail / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. they are doing the same thing again because William got in trouble by taking George hunting, he receive bad press so to deflect whats going on with him and to distract the readers they write bad press about Meghan and Harry, same old trick but this is not working the readers are wiser than that.

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  2. Yes let the British tabloids continue to put out fake stories to make W & K to look good. No one is buying it. Harry & Meghan are doers. They go out and get the job done. They paid a tribute to Harry’s mother. Princess Diana. It was wonderful. They are real, warm and back up what they say. The tabloids knows they are loosing the battle. Every day they look for nonsense lying news to say about Harry & Meghan. It will not work. It will continue to back fire on them. They are just like the Fox News here in the USA. Meghan does not need to copy anyone. They copy her. Harry & Meghan keep up the great work. God is watching. Thanks, Hugo for bringing the bull to the fore front. ❤️, and blessings.


  3. Is this ever going to stop…k&W.have. been doing nothing but pretending to look like their better by copying the Sussex which are doing great with no help from those dreadful royals. God will continue to bless them …their doing their own thing and doing it well.


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