3 thoughts on “Paps ANNOY Meghan and Harry’s Montecito Neighbours #LeaveThemAlone

  1. The Tabloid and others want to destroy Harry ‘s Family but I know the Lord will always protect them. Someday they will be punished by God. The Lord is just countfing on them. Thanks for the updaye Hugo. God is with you.

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  2. Yes no matter what the tabloids try to do here, and in England Harry & Meghan will continue to rise and shine. Evil people will answer to their own devices one day. The tabloids are upset because it’s not easy to get a picture of them or of baby Archie so they can sell their filthy rags to fools that like the evilness. Goodness will prevail. They are God’s children too. ❤️, and blessings. Bless u Hugo for your greatness.


  3. Everybody knows, I think, that Rupert Murdock who owns the UK tabloids is also the owner of FOX NEWS here in the United States. Fox News has become a right wing propaganda machine and is directly responsible for the spread of the Corona Virus. And he is trying to re-elect Donald Trump who has given the green light to the homegrown terrorist that have plagued the black community for centuries. So is it any wonder, that Harry and Meghan is being hounded day in an day out by this crazed obsessed lunatic? I am so tired of him and its time to call him out, and stop patronizing his news outlets. He is not an American and those of us who are, should be up in arms to call this man out for the damage he is doing. Nobody should have that much power.


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