12 thoughts on “Harry Talks Archie & Loving Life In USA / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Love this power couple!! I bet he’ll very soon be gifted with those miniature rugby 🏉 ball for Archie! May God continues to bless and keep them safely in his arms from all harm.


  2. May the Lord keeps His Mighty hands upon you and guide on your destiny. Read your Bible everyday and give God thanks ALWAYS!💕🎼


  3. Hope someone is keen to send those rugby balls for him. Perhaps Sara Philips could do it or her husband. What a lovely gesture that would be.


  4. God bless these 2 wonderful couple, and their son. Harry is not worried. He will be teaching baby Archie rugby soon. God has a plan for this couple. No matter what tribulations they go through they will rise. Harry & Meghan keep up the great work. You are ❤️. Thank you Hugo.


  5. Is there no other news in Britain? I really don’t want to believe that Harry and Beautiful Megan is the only interesting thing going on in Britain. The Queen should pay for the repairs of frogmoor cottage. But if the Sussexes agreed to that that’s their business. That has nothing to do with their earnings. Stay out of their business and go look after yours. They are free to earn their own living now that they have stepped down as working Royals. It’s very disgusting to see the palace and the grays trying to sabotage and hinder Harry and Megan. Wake up it’s 2020.


  6. I heard that Prince Philip is going to be 100 years old this coming year on his birthday……I’m sure Harry and Meghan and Archie will be there for the Big Celebrations in England with the Family for this Big Event, not many people live to be 100 years old and to be Queen Elizabeth II husband also is quite an accomplishment to in it self.


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