8 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry To Be Offered Spotify Podcast

  1. Don’t let them ware you down,catch your breath ,then continue,I just believe you will out last the trickery.🙏


  2. Hugo, you are pretty much the only Harry and Meghan new I listen to and as you can see I have subscribed to your channel. I want you to win because anything pertaining to this beautiful couple seem to get “squeezed”. Thank you for your wonderful reporting and may God bless you.


  3. Hey Hugo, I have followed you on YouTube for a while now but this my first time making a comment. I am American, but I did live in England for five years. Here’s the thing, the British tabloids have been merciless on th either coverage of Meghan, most Americans of color know that if she even made overture that she was interested in being President she would have half the country and some very vicious media as well as some social media personalities a living Hello! She would have no peace for the rest her life..and that is one exaggeration. It’s why Michelle Obama has said on multiple occasions that she hates politics. So I have to agree with one of commentors she can do so much more as a private citizen.


  4. Hugo since you have kind of moved from YouTube I am noticing there is not a lot of anything else worth seeing over there. I used to love to watch the monkey channels but unsubscribed when they became too abusive to the animals in order to get clicks. Your channel is there, I see the videos you did make but something is missing. I can’t put my finger on it.


  5. I
    Hugo, I honour you and thank you from defending Meghan and as I said before that I love William and his adorable family because of his mother and not Prince Charles.. Because he is Their Father I must keep away from too much negativities. I have nothing against the Firm but there should be changes.. Everyone should be allowed to give their opinion.
    Another member of the family should not suffer because of someone else indiscretion.

    Please keep up the good work and I do hope that we are able to thank you enen when its your birthday.


  6. Hello Hugo, your posts on Harry and Meghan are the only ones I read. The others were so fake and abusive I could not stand it anymore. Thanks for your good work.
    One problem since I subscribed to this site I changed the frequency from daily to weekly and now I do not receive anything anymore.


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