5 thoughts on “The Ridicule Strategy & Comments Review / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. If the British tabloids, and the trolls think Harry & Meghan are so irrelevant, and they careless why bother on the site. Just to speak hate. It shows how ugly they are. Harry and Meghan are destined for greatness. This is why the British tabloids, and trolls are threatened. No matter what they say Harry & Meghan will keep on rising. We love you, and God loves you. Thanks Hugo for sticking the truth back in their faces.


  2. In line with this I have noticed a number of articles where royal fans are allegedly mocking Harry because he’s a feminist and Meghan over statements she has made recently. It is definitely a change of tactics.


  3. We are just watching these losers make fools if themselves..

    If Harry and Meghan are irrelevant, then why are they trying to bring them down. Why are they still talking


  4. I’ve noticed in other videos, how Will and Kate look so angry and sad. So they are definitely in on the downfall of Harry and Meghan. They probably wish H&M would go away. They should have embraced and help them and they would have been respected and loved for it.


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