3 thoughts on “One Rule For THE QUEEN & One Rule For MEGHAN

  1. Hugo, it is all very exhausting about what those media rags keep doing to Meghan and Harry. That’s why I’m glad you are not tired of going after them. But I believe they will keep it up as long as they can get away with it because that is the playbook that racists use. They tried to do it to our former President Barack Obama by painting him as an “other.” Not born in the USA, and they kept it up until Trump, who championed it, told them its over. You would think since there are so many BLM protests around the globe that the rugrats would get a conscious and stop it. They will stop only if it really hits them in the pocket. I personally, don’t listen or click on anything that is related to them.

    People Magazine is still sending me magazines even though I have cancelled. I think they got the message because they are not talking about the royals as much although they did have a snippet on the front cover of Meghan and Harry. I think they may have gotten a backlash when they put Kate on the cover with that ridiculous headline. I pray that the troll they hired from the UK packs up and heads back to whatever rock he crawled out from under.

    Again, thank you for being the voice of reason.


  2. Excellent video Hugo. It is interesting that there have been a number of stories over the years about Prince Charles being involved in politics. As far back as 2003 The Los Angeles Times wrote about it and quoted The Daily Mail who just shrugged it off.


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