4 thoughts on “Camilla Poppycock / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Rest assured that when the Queen dies the Commonwealth does not. Don’t you think that the black countries are watching how they treat Meghan & Harry


  2. Good Morning (Well it is here in Canada)
    I signed up for your news and just read my first email from you. Now I will go back and get caught up to see what you have posted. Your sight is the only one I trust for stating the truth about Meghan and Harry so now I can go back and delete any of the posts on YouTube from the crooked spammers.

    Now that M & H have bought a house, the other news reports should smarten up and realize they are not reporting the truth.

    My next plan it to find the Royal Sight and see what they have posted there



  3. Hugo, Hugo, How are you doing, I cannot follow on this platform as my email isn’t being accepted. Been trying for some time now. Pls check. And now I see “the pigeons” are flying around looking for crumbs, to stay in business. More trashy lowlife, below the belt illegal crap bashing. Leave the Sussexes alone. You mistreated them in UK, why not leave them in USA and try and be what you all aren’t…worth a farthing! Filled with hate and bitterness. Write about your lives and childhoods. It will soothe the beast that has sprung out of your closets.


  4. Thank you for standing with Harry and Meghan.. I always like to refer to them as Harry and Meghan because the want to blame Meghan. Meghan adores her husband and anything she do or say, I am sure they talked about it..
    Harry is very smart and he was not given the credits..
    They should restore all his titles because he earned them.. Not because you leave your position the earned titles should stay with you and the position can be give to the new person but your badges stays with you for life..


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