5 thoughts on “Public CALL OUT Morgan & Wootton / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Pierce Morgan & Dan Wotton needs to shut their mouths. They are envious of Harry &Meghan like the rest of the British people who do not know them personally, but can spout hate about them. Look in the mirror first before you shout hate. Any weapon formed against Harry & Meghan shall not prosper. They will continue to thrive no matter what adversity they face. They are jealous of both of them. It’s just simply too bad.


  2. Indeed no weapon form against Harry and Meghan shall prosper. God’s light shall shine upon them. Piers Morgan is heartless and very insensitive. He cares less about the mental health of the Duke and duchess.


  3. Hugo, the UK media “SOPS” are only surviving on the footprints of the Sussexes. What about the title? Doesn’t the brits vote? So, what title has to do with? It’s like Mrs; MBA, Phd, and attached to the contract of her marriage to Prince. Empowering people to exercise their need to vote and have a voice for change is an education. Lay off you goofs, with hooves. The hateful emotions show their weaknesses and fragile bullying upbringing. Sorry, but they’re successful. Thinkers of change and modernization.


  4. The more Pierce Morgan runs his mouth about Megan and Harry the more I can’t stand to even see the man. He has made his money for the last couple of years from putting Megan down because she didn’t talk to him. He has such a big mouth about everything. He’s British and his way of how a Royal should act is outdated. Plus they know she is American and you are just not going to change her way of thinking. So I feel they need to get off of their high horse just because of nail polish and how she sits and how she gets into a car. Get over it and get with the times.


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