5 thoughts on “Harry Cursed At The Queen #NONSENSE / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Hi HUGO thanks for all you do. The British Royal family, tabloids, MEDIAS and TROLLS are pissedoff because the TRUTH is COMING out. In my opinions the queen, Charles, W& k are responsible for the BS going on in that toxic monarchy. I don’t hv to blame the MEDIAS much because they are doing what the Royals asked them to do especially W& K. PERIOD. No cover up for the queen, she is a good pretender, manipulator etc in that monarchy. 😂😂😂😂😂


  2. Hugo you are absolutely correce. There is absolutely no way that Harry would even dare, let alone think of speaking in such a manner to The Queen, his Grandmother. Furthermore I do not think that the Queen’s Dresser would carry on as reported either…….The Point was that Meghan would not have wanted a tiara with coloured gems in it especially since she had a ALL WHITE wedding……….it was as if she was presenting herself as a “novitiate” ….by that I mean in all cleanliness and purity to her wonderful, deserving, Prince Harry, to be his wife, and he to be her husband from that day forward. The reporting was all to make trouble between Beatrice and Harry, since they have been quite close, much to Cat herine’s annoyance. Thanks for your video Hugo and putting the matter right.


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