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  1. It’s a complete waste of time from the silly British tabloids. No one in their right mind is interested in spending their time bashing Meghan and Harry. It’s coronavirus time for heaven’s sake

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  3. Hi Hugo,

    Below is the Daily Beast (a reputable US publication of politics and culture) article from their Royal Jack Roysten correspondent indicating that Charles is awaiting a dramatic return of Prince Harry and Meghan in preparation of his becoming King. It’s some interesting reading, very different from the Royal Rota writers trying to get rid of Meghan.


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    Charles and Harry’s relationship remains “rock-solid”
    Prince Charles has been “keeping in regular contact” with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the fallout has continued from the book Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Family, according to The Sun.

    Charles, “while deeply hurt at some of the book’s revelations, is nevertheless still keeping the door open for a dramatic return for the Sussexes,” according to the paper. The heir to the throne revealed in June he had been “terribly sad” about not being able to see his family during the pandemic, having survived COVID-19 himself.

    Charles’ olive branch is in contrast to his most memorable cameo in Finding Freedom, which conveyed his “disappointment” in November 2016 when Harry detonated his dad’s big PR moment with one of his own.

    That day, Harry felt moved to issue an unprecedented statement in which he confirmed his and Meghan’s relationship, while condemning “the racial undertones of comment pieces… and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.” Harry also revealed that he was worried about Meghan’s safety and “deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her.”

    The timing of Harry’s bombshell statement left Charles “disappointed” and aides at Clarence House “crushed,” according to the book. Charles and Camilla had just arrived in Bahrain to meet the country’s King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa. Any publicity for that trip was vaporized, as Harry’s statement dominated the news cycle.

    Right now, the Sun reports, Charles “has been a calm voice of reassurance to his son and daughter-in-law.”

    He has also been providing emotional and financial support, with phone and video calls from Castle of Mey—the Queen Mother’s former Scottish holiday home.

    A royal insider told the Sun: “They have a very strong and close father-and-son relationship. Many people have speculated that the book was the end for Harry and Meghan in Britain. Too many people were criticized and too many people attacked, including William and Kate. But the Prince of Wales has made it clear the door is always open. Since his move to Los Angeles they have been in regular contact. Charles is not an avid user of texts but there are video and phone calls.

    “The book has never been a massive talking point between them and Charles is determined that it is not an obstacle. He has provided financial support, as any father would do when their son moves with a young family to the other side of the world. Their relationship is rock-solid and they remain close. They speak at least once a week and Charles is still a massive driving force in Harry’s life.”

    The Sun said that much of Charles’ funding is going towards Harry and Meghan’s security.

    Another royal source told the paper: “When Harry was making the decision to step away from royal duties it was something he confided in his father about because he respects his opinion more than anyone else. Charles knows what it is like to be conflicted within the royal household. Harry has always been his own man and will do what he thinks is right.

    “Since moving to LA, Charles has been there for Harry. They regularly discuss how he is doing and the work he is looking to embark on. The Prince of Wales is a great sounding board for Harry.”


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