7 thoughts on “Friends Will Be Friends / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. I’m sure, if this story is correct, that Prince Harry would be hurt by comments from William, Skippy and/ or others. It’s as if the didn’t understand that Harry was a grown man, age 33. When he met Meghan. He was not a 12 year old boy. And Harry is said to have said that “she’s ticking off almost all the boxes of what he’s looking for in a marital relationship. Apparently that was not enough for William and Skippy and that’s too bad. Perhaps they meant well, but a friend and brother should have been more trusting of Harry and his choice of a life mate. Whatever their reason for their comments: classism, sexism, racism, xenophobia, feminism, colorism, etc., nothing should have been said. And, if England doesn’t want Meghan they don’t want Harry. The Sussexes are a team.


  2. He’s no friend, a few weeks ago he was featured in the Daily Fail and said some really nasty things about Meghan and Harry.


  3. They think gorgeous Meghan does not look like their blond and blue eye babs. Did they say he’s married? Did Harry give his opinion about his wife? Because Harry has found love they will not be having those free rides again..he was never a good friend to Harry. Harry got the jackpot. They rick and rise


  4. Hugo some person named thuong nguyen under the name the royal story UK is posting on Facebook similar posts as yours thought you wanted to see


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