7 thoughts on “The ‘Woke’ Argument / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. I don’t understand why people can’t come to their own conclusions about Megan and Harry. If you have followed them for any length of time you will realize these two people are just being who they are. I don’t blame them for leaving. s post by replying above this line


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  2. That is envy and jealousy. They realized that Megjan and Harry are making good outside the Monarchy. It is again a threat in their thinking. What a bad attitude?


  3. The royals and there skivvies of so-called reporters cannot help themselves they have lost the best thing that ever happened to them and because of envy and jealousy there just another planet cannot get over it and cannot get over it and cannot see the error of their waysAre we doesn’t want to be with you guys leave the man alone he’s left gone Get over it🤣🤣


      1. They should be left alone..He’s no longer a working royal.Nor is she,treat them the same as working people.Take away the bodyguards we the English people are paying for.They don’t live in this country.Let them earn a living in USA..Leave us Brits alone..We sent racist.You don’t live here..You live your lives as we will live ours..


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