3 thoughts on “Tabloids Are ‘EMBARRASSMENT’ To UK / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. One reasons why this Tabloid wants to destroy the life of Harry and Meghan coz of their popularity. The RF is afraid if someday the couple gains the trust of the people and the commonwealth nations. But a great blessing for Harry and Meghan coz they are out from the RF and UK. So you shld be happy now but still you want to talk about them coz you know you are riding on the popularity of Harry and Meghan. Anyway God knows your hearts whether good or bad. The good always overcome the bad forces.


  2. We shall overcome,
    We shall overcome some day ay ay ay ay
    Deep in my heart, I do believe
    Harry and Meghan shall overcome someday


  3. Great summary & insight of all the trashy tabloid gossip. Thanks for putting things in perspective especially for those that are outside of Britain who have a tough time trying to sift through the daily bunch of crap the British media reports to Brits!


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