Meghan Gets Back To Work & Media Loses The Plot

3 thoughts on “Meghan Gets Back To Work & Media Loses The Plot

  1. I really enjoy your posts. I will be buy Finding Freedom next week.
    Harry and Meghan are extremely resilient who are in touch with the global issues affecting the planet. They are incredibly resources.

    Although the British continues to portray Meghan as ‘an actress’, Meghan was a UN Ambassador with a strong passionate powerful voice on issues affecting women and girls.
    Meghan is a global leader and Ambassador. Harry also. Harry needs to focus on his fantastic work tackling knife crime in disadvanted communities especially in London. Practitioners like myself really benefit. Harry is extremely culturally competent, I want to see him doing more Summits with Obama. The first was was just so awesome and inspiring. I loved it. I loved Harry’s congruence.

    Both Harry and Meghan have great futures inspiring communities across the world on key major global issues on social and systemic disadvantage, race, empowerment of women and inequality. The Commonwealth needs their modern insights.

    I really hope now they have left the UK they now have the freedom to work with other inspiring global leaders to create systemic and long term change. I am excited by this prospect. That is their future as I see it.

    Harry was passionate about supporting those injured by war. He needs to get back to this.

    I want to see them creating the change they want to see. Being a leader in the spotlight is tough. Especially when you are an innovator trying to create new ways of working and engagement.

    Its hard and constant criticism can be demoralising, however Harry and Meghan are resilient enough and need to continue moving forward with a clear plan of action and a watertight inner circle who they trust to keep them mentally strong and help them to deliver their action plan. This is key.

    I have been following from before they got married but not publicly commenting.

    Thank you for the updates Hugo. Great work.


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