Sussex Royal CLOSED / Meghan and Harry Latest News

Meghan and Harry have officially submitted the paperwork to dissolve the charity Sussex Royal and its linked company in the U.K.

3 thoughts on “Sussex Royal CLOSED / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. It was a blast and always will be. While the logo and titles are inoperative; the souls of two human beings in love and full of life, love, energy and ready to chart new frontiers globally, the world is yet to see the mass of new spot lights and an unrivaled popularity seen only for the people’s Princess. Her legacy is with her son and daughter-in-law; Harry and Meghan. You’re carving out the niches to complete the full and growing story. Blessings. A strong supporter.


  2. I concur. They will be a blessing to the world. One can try to kill purpose but they can’t, kill what God has placed in Them. Wishing the success and give gratitude to God in advance for the lives they will change one at a time.


  3. Try as you may there is no force on earth that will keep a good thing down!
    When GOD has destined you to be extraordinary even Satan knows it is futile trying to stop you .When one door is closed , it is an opportunity to open many , many … more .
    I pray that my Son ,Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Will continue to live their truths . I will continue to pray for you two
    One Love ❤️


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