Meghan and Harry Cycling in Los Angeles

Loads of updates, Meghan and Harry seen riding bicycles in Los Angeles, Sharon Stone interview, more stories from the homeboy Industries bakery

6 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry Cycling in Los Angeles

  1. I am so happy to read that Harry & Mehgan were out bicycle – riding in LA….it makes my heart glad to know this that they are adapting so well & doing the things that brings health, they can see the neighborhood, enjoy fresh air and enjoy a sense of well-being….God bless you both. Harry ,I pray that you are adjusting well to LA…..I am keeping your family in my prayers. How is Master Archie?
    Hugo, I got the laugh of the day with the “chat sofa” & your response to that …your remark made me laugh so hard.
    Keep up the good work Hugo

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  2. Harry and Meghan are free! They left that small island and its narrow minded inhabitants behind. They are living up to their dreams and life goals: they are booked, busy and unbothered. And… Archie has the best life, free from racial watch and attacks. God is good.


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