Royal Leak Double Act / Meghan and Harry latest News

Today I’m looking at numerous articles that claim that Prince William and Charles ‘teamed up’ and used Prince Andrew’s disastrous Newsnight interview as cover to orchestrate a ‘silent coup’ against Prince Harry, naturally seeing that its the Daily Fail, it is distorted and twisted.

5 thoughts on “Royal Leak Double Act / Meghan and Harry latest News

  1. I love it. Hugo, you’re amazing and Megan & Harry should know how much you care about them and reporting their true narrative! God bless you 🙏🏽

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  2. HI! Hugo, How are you doing today? hoping you’re fine as i am.
    You’re an action man, you say something is to be done and you get it done.Thank you Sir. The new website is very lovely-easy on the eyes, Please download a picture of 1year old Master Archie, I would love that.Next thing Hugo when will we see you in the flesh? is it something you could be comfortable doing? let us know keep up the good works you’re doing, be bless. I think you should have a fund raising day, to keep these wonderful channels going so you can pay your way and not depend on you tube. An less there is add revenue I don’t know these things, I will be very happy to walk the talk so to say I am Willing.M

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  3. Thank you Hugo for defending the admirable Meghan and Harry. They are the honest genuine royals. Also, Queen Elizabeth is awesome, as a young woman she devoted her life to the monarchy after her father’s death and has fulfilled her promise, I respect her. I also love the news from the dusty cupboard.

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