Garden Party Video DEBUNKED / Meghan and Harry Latest News

Tonight I look at the ridiculous story about the garden party video, and how lipreaders have debunked the crazy allegations against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

4 thoughts on “Garden Party Video DEBUNKED / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. It must be very frustrating for them to realize they cannot tie a string to Meghan, for them to go out of their way to shame and disgrace her in the eyes of the public. Even digging graves and hiring a lip reader to authenticate their lies. So disgusting!

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  2. I watch the garden event, and if any one else did,I must say this crap is just that CRAP. The couple Postponed up their honeymoon to attend Charles 70th birthday, as you all may know Prince harry was the guest speaker, they did a walk-about in the garden before they assembly on stage. Now Charles thought that it was time to make their way to the stage,so Harry told Charles go ahead we’ll be there, at the same time Camilla came along to tell Harry don’t worry come when you can. At this time the young bride notice the moving about she join Harry and they made their way to the stage, NOT leaving. I watch every step of the new Duchess, if you did you would see that they join Charles and Camilla and they ALL made their way to the stage TOGETHER. Then Charles gave his welcome speech, after Prince Harry gave his about his father’s work.
    Then the bee stung him after it move about his head for some time,Harry told every one that bee finally got me, at which our Duchess Meghan had a little laugh at him nevertheless Harry finish his speech then they ALL left the stage TOGETHER. I live in Canada I had a glass of wine in hand taking it all in. This is my rebuttal to all this garden party nonsense. We must defend Meghan but this story is RUBBISH we must pick our BATTLES this is not IT. Love you ALL.


  3. What’s crazy is Meghan and Harry kissing good by to the Mistress Wifey Camilla, I’m sure she knows and understand the back story regarding the Man Child Charles and the Rottweiler Camilla and the evil they caused Princess Diana. But I suppose they have to put on a good face in front of the camera, can’t have the Royal family showing true feelings, so I guess I understand, but I have a sneaking suspicion Harry will share his truth about the treatment of his Mum now that he no longer lives in the U.K.


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